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Caltrans Highway 36 Reconstruction Project Utility Agreements


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Meeting History

Dec 4, 2018 6:00 PM Audio City Council Regular Meeting

Robin Kampmann, Public Works Director, reviewed the staff's recommendation that the City Council authorize the Mayor to sign the California Department of Transportation Utility Agreements 02-UT-3123-1 and 02-UT-3124-1. The agreements are for the adjustment of the existing Sewer and Water utility boxes and manholes in conflict with the proposed asphalt reconstruction and sidewalk and drainage upgrades on Highway 36 West from 0.6 miles east of Baker Road to 0.2 miles east of East Sand Slough Bridge.

Ms. Kampmann reported that Caltrans has requested that the City raise the City owned utility boxes, manholes, lids and meters after the pavement goes in. They assessed the cost to be $8,000 for the sewer adjustments and $30,000 for the water adjustments. The City could either hire their own contractor after the paving or tag onto Caltrans' contract and use their contractor to make the adjustments while they are reconstructing. Ms. Kampmann suggested that the City tags onto the Caltrans contract and pay from a Caltrans invoice when the project is completed.

Mayor Jones asked and received confirmation that tagging onto Catrans' contract is more feasible. Ms. Kampmann stated that tagging onto the Caltrans contract would save staff time.

Note: There was no abstain vote received from Robert Schmid in the voter's table below. Data had to be entered to move forward in the program; unable to remove Schmid's name midway through the minutes.

MOVER:Clay Parker, Council Member
SECONDER:Amanda Jenkins, Council Member
AYES:Clay Parker, Amanda Jenkins, Daniele Eyestone, Gary Jones, Kris Deiters
ABSTAIN:Robert Schmid