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Award of Fire Department Construction Project Architect Services



Meeting History

Dec 18, 2018 6:00 PM Audio City Council Regular Meeting

Sandy Ryan, Finance Director, gave the staff's recommendation that if City Council approves a supplemental appropriation (operating transfer) from the general fund balance to the CDBG Grant Fund for expenditure from account #70-70-520-100, of $14,200, staff recommends the award of the New Fire Station Architect Services to Semingson Architecture & Engineering, Inc.

Rob Schmid, Airport Commission, stated that Semingson Architecture & Engineering was used at the Red Bluff Airport Restaurant Project which didn't go well. He also had personal experience with them with his own business that was unfavorable. He asked that if the City of Red Bluff awards the project, would they have to use the same architect for the entire project, or is the preliminary assessment just for funding purposes?

Robin Kampmann, Public Works Director, stated that if the architectural services are awarded to Semingsons tonight, it would be for the entire project.

Councilmember Deiters asked why they scored higher than the other two companies who bidded on the project.

Ms. Kampmann stated that the scoring is based on a combination of four criteria: past projects, understanding of timeline requirements, qualified staff, and team makeup. When they received the proposals the other companies had very canned proposals, so this company scored higher.

Mr. Schmid stated that the City Council needs to consider the history the City of Red Bluff has with Semingsons and asked when is the deadline to submit the 30% plans.

Ms. Kampmann stated that the application is due by February 5, 2019. All of the applicants were told that the plans had to be submitted by January 23rd.

Mr. Schmid asked if there was a well scoring applicant who didn't get the bid within the required timeline.

Ms. Kampmann stated that there was one company that scored higher, but the bid was not received in a separate sealed envelope.

Councilmember Eyestone asked why they didn't meet the timeline.

Ms. Kampmann stated that they didn't submit the cost proposal in a separate sealed envelope.

Councilmember Deiters asked if the bids were received in writing and if there had been any verbal discussion with the three bidding companies.

Ms. Kampmann stated that all the bids were received in writing and that there had been no verbal discussion with the three bidding companies.

Councilmember Eyestone stated that she would have liked to see the other three bids. She also stated that during the Evidence Building Project there was an issue with the company being unaware of a basement that needed to be excavated. She would be interested in throwing out all of the bids and starting the process again.

Ms. Kampmann stated that they do not have time to go back out for bids if they want to meet the February timeline.

Sandy Ryan, Finance Director, stated that they would have to go with the next CBGD grant cycle which, would be in September 2019.

Councilmember Parker asked Ms. Kampmann if she has had any issues dealing with this company.

Ms. Kampmann stated that she is not aware of any issues, but she agrees that if they are prolonging until the September 2019 deadline, then they should solicit new bids.

Councilmember Eyestone stated that a special meeting regarding this item could be held when the full City Council is available.

Ray Barber, Fire Chief, stated that he has heard concerns about this company from Mr. Schmid in the past, but when he spoke with others who have dealt with them everyone seemed quite happy with their work.

Rick Crabtree, City Manager, requested confirmation of the direction Council wants staff to take.

Councilmember Eyestone confirmed the City Council will hold a Special Meeting when Mayor Jones returns.

MOVER:Clay Parker, Council Member
SECONDER:Amanda Jenkins, Mayor Pro Tem
AYES:Amanda Jenkins, Clay Parker
NAYS:Daniele Eyestone, Kris Deiters
ABSENT:Gary Jones