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Supplemental Appropriation for Carr Fire Reimbursement




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Meeting History

Dec 18, 2018 6:00 PM Audio City Council Regular Meeting

Kyle Sanders, Police Chief, presented the staff's recommendation that the City Council approve a supplemental appropriation in the amount of $30,329.13 to Police Miscellaneous Revenue account 11-33-080-110 for expenditure of $1,887.88 from account 11-33-260-100 (Gasoline and Oils) and $28,441.25 from account 11-33-120100 (Overtime).

Councilmember Eyestone asked if staff time, gas and vehicle maintenance was all taken into consideration for the reimbursement value.

Kyle Sanders, Police Chief, explained that the disbursement is based on mileage. The monies are being requested to go into the gasoline and oils account strictly because it makes the most sense.

Councilmember Eyestone asked if the assistance requests are in written or verbal form.

Chief Sanders stated that the requests are in both forms, written (teletype) and verbal.

Councilmember Eyestone asked that a copy of the request be included in the future.

MOVER:Daniele Eyestone, Council Member
SECONDER:Clay Parker, Council Member
AYES:Amanda Jenkins, Clay Parker, Daniele Eyestone, Kris Deiters
ABSENT:Gary Jones