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Award Contract to NSP3 for Forward Park Playground Equipment


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Meeting History

Feb 5, 2019 6:00 PM Audio City Council Regular Meeting

Robin Kampmann, Public Works Director, presented the staff's recommendation that the City Council authorizes Supplemental Appropriations in the amount of $20,201.60 into the Parks Maintenance Account 60-45-530-100 & $28,800 into the DIF Account 61-45-530100, for the purpose of purchasing new playground equipment at Forward Park, and award the contract to NSP3, in the amount of $49,001.60, for new playground equipment at Forward Park.

Mayor Jones asked and received confirmation that the money available is the balance from the last time the City purchased playground equipment.

Councilmember Eyestone asked why there were such discrepancies with the two bids.

Ms. Kampmann explained that the bids were for different brands of equipment and one of the bids had some extra equipment included. NSP3 installed playground equipment for the City in the past with no issues.

Mayor Jones asked if they know of any reasons for the increased vandalism at Forward Park and what type of surveillance is in place.

Kyle Sanders, Police Chief, stated that he is not aware of any obvious reasons for the increase in vandalism. He explained that currently, they do not have the budget for an increase in surveillance in that area and that it would be expensive because there are no structures to mount a surveillance system.

Councilmember Eyestone expressed concern about spending $50,000.00 dollars on equipment just to have it destroyed.

Ms. Kampmann confirmed that a surveillance system would be very expensive to install and maintain.

MOVER:Clay Parker, Council Member
SECONDER:Amanda Jenkins, Mayor Pro Tem
AYES:Gary Jones, Amanda Jenkins, Clay Parker, Daniele Eyestone, Kris Deiters